Google started to accept applications for small numbers of users

On Wednesday, Google started to accept applications for small numbers of users, who would like to buy is named "Google goggles" (Google Glass) of earlier versions of the product. According to two people briefed on these plans, Google hopes this year put the glasses into the wider oakley sunglasses
The frame does not have lens, in some versions, but Google is trying to join Sun lenses or prescription eyeglasses. They have a tiny screen, while the frame is very small, but it seems to wear glasses is much larger. Spectacle wearer having to do it can take pictures or record video, send pictures to friends or publish on the Web, shows the route, use voice commands to search the Web, and provides language translation. Google goggles Internet through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it can connect to the user's mobile phone to a wireless data service. User talk and touch the frame or when you move the head, glasses are able to eyeglasses
For Google, this eyewear is important step for the company to realize its dream, the so-called "ubiquitous computing" (ubiquitous computing). The idea was, to use computers and the Internet in any place, and people can give instructions to without moving a finger down. Google goggles will eventually integrate with some Google products, which could make them more convenience, as they will appear in front of users, rather than over the phone or on the computer screen.oakley outlet
For example, the latest version of Google goggles can use Google map indicates the direction of walking and hiking, also coming from Google Now reminded of the meeting or in a traffic jam, as well as "ring talk" (Google Hangouts) video chat. In a video released Wednesday, Google introduced the use of glasses for instance. For example, the Ballerina in the background and record video and streaming in real time on the stage; in Thailand their visitors when they can eat on the boat, told Google to "delicious" translate to someone. When relatives birthdays, families can also tele-video chat with her. While Google warns, as people begin to use the glasses, also experience technological barriers, but the company has solved many technical challenges, the biggest obstacle now is how to lead people to start using it.glassespop

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