Evernote CEO: the upcoming "fantastic hardware device"

Evernote CEO feierlibin (Phil Libin) said Tuesday at Japan Summit in Tokyo to participate in the new economy (New Economy Summit), told reporters: "Evernote will soon be published by the company and of its partners for certain hardware devices, and the company will one day developed hardware devices. ?cheap oakleys
Libin said: "in fact, we do not manufacture hardware equipment, but we will participate in the design. Ultimately, I think we will be ready for related work in 3-5 years. ? Libin says these hardware devices will be "completely new and amazing", and will not be similar to the existing products in the market to follow. Judging from this sentence, Libin said hardware devices will probably not be a Smartphone or Tablet PC, but he has not clearly stated it would be a kind of new products.cheap oakley sunglasses
Evernote has been steadily moving in this direction. Its application has been able to support devices such as scanners, cameras, and even blood pressure monitors. Plus it also have an iPad version of the application note Penultimate,Evernote Google goggles are also supported. Application note Skitch it was one of the earliest applications pre-installed on Google goggles.oakley outlet

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