I look forward to iOS7.0

After leaving Apple, father of oakley sunglasses cheap
iOS, iOS update cheap oakley sunglasses
7 to guess a lot, a popular view is that Apple is about to give up, "proposed style" to oakley sunglasses sale
learn from Microsoft's "flat thin" style of interface. In my opinion, this view is not crazy: A proposed style cheap oakleys
is characteristic of Apple and consistent style. "Software interface as the real thing, real hardware, such as the iPhone did like the software interface" that's Apple's biggest advantage, soft and hard one, lookin like the simplicity of the software interface hardware and software as they are heavy hardware, Apple is far from one of the leading factor of the opponent. So, iOS7, Apple didn't have to give up the proposed style. Second, flat design. Windows8 and WP style of magnets and Android 4 flat designs, is seen, in the mobile Internet "clean", "flat" style trends, but this does not necessarily apply to Apple. Flat design for Android and Apple devices has difficulties: 1 Apple has patents in UI, flat interface can be distinguished in different, out of suspicion of plagiarism. 2 the Android (mobile) and Microsoft (flat) the power consumption of the device cheap oakley sunglasses
is so severe that flat can reduce the power consumption of in terms of UI, black power-saving effect and visually brought light to the flat design is easy for the user. 3 Microsoft trying to create multiple terminal equipment interface consistency in this post on the Xbox-style interface, porting to mobile and tablet, and maintain brand consistency comes at the expense of the user experience. Therefore, magnets and flat design, is not in itself something worth copying Apple there is no plagiarism issue, contradiction or highlight of Apple devices, as for Mac and iPad as well as iPhone interface consistency, already almost completed, to learn Microsoft need not have a frown.

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